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Editor Setup

You do not need any additional configuration. IntelliSense will automatically detect the animations and utilities. Refer the official docs on setting up your editor.


Refer to the Tailwind CSS docs. If present, any animation or keyframe customization should be applied properly. Create an issue on our GitHub if something is not working.


Use motion-safe and motion-reduce variants provided by Tailwind CSS. print:hidden can also be used (for example, on elements having exit animations) to hide them while printing.



Tailwind CSS v3 has JIT mode enabled by default. So, it will only generate the CSS you are actually using in your project. Please refer the docs to learn more.

Upgrade Guide

From v3 to v4

Default export is removed. Use named export instead:

const withAnimations = require('animated-tailwindcss') 
const { withAnimations } = require('animated-tailwindcss') 

From v2 to v3

  • We now require Tailwind CSS v3. So first upgrade it. You can refer their upgrade guide.
  • animate-animated class is no longer required. You can remove it.
  • Accessibility measures are no longer enforced by us. Refer the accessibility section.
  • Remove any experimental options that you might earlier be passing to withAnimations wrapper. Those features are now covered by semantic versioning and are stable.

Released under the MIT License.